Julia Kim Smith

selfie mirror

Selfie Mirror is a participatory installation piece: A hand mirror is mounted on a microphone stand with the words “IN TRUMP’S AMERICA, I AM WORTH NOTHING.” etched on the front of the mirror and “I AM SECRETLY GOING TO BURN THIS THING DOWN FROM THE INSIDE.” etched on the back.

The work borrows from “Ways I Am Preparing For A Trump Presidency,” an essay by Blythe Roberson.* In Trump’s America, I am alarmed by the rise and normalization of hate crimes and violence. I am alarmed our democracy is teetering into fascism. I am concerned for our future. Diversity is America’s strength, and our diversity is threatened.

My hope is that when viewers get close to Selfie Mirror and look for themselves, they’ll see an image of themselves, and of others, in a different light.

— Julia Kim Smith

*Blythe Roberson, “Ways I Am Preparing For A Trump Presidency,” The New Yorker, November 15, 2016.

Site: SpaceCamp, Baltimore, MD, LabBodies Performance Art Review: Freedom, Curators: Dr. H. Corona and Dr. A. Pinkston (image courtesy Ada Pinkston)
Site: A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Currents: Abortion, Curator: Barbara Zucker, Co-Founder, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (image courtesy Sebastian Bach)