Julia Kim Smith

baltimore actually

Baltimore: Actually, I like it.

Think locally, act locally.

T-shirt, sticker, and tote bag made in Baltimore: art directed and designed by Julia Kim Smith, printed by Stem Graphics Printshop, and available at Atomic Books and Sideshow at The American Visionary Art Museum (sticker only). Every T-shirt, sticker, and tote bag makes an impact: We donate 100% of profits to The Creative Alliance.

“A trending unofficial civic slogan declares ‘Baltimore: Actually, I Like It,’ which best captures the mix of resignation and defensiveness that comes from residing in a place long synonymous with what’s wrong with American cities. This may never be a Portlandia-style urban playground, but the raggedy pleasures of Baltimore living are real and durable, and can be found no where else. That’s why we’re here, and why we stay, even though sometimes we all feel like tearing the place down.”
Grist, David Dudley, “Why Baltimore is fighting for its life, again,” April 2015

Baltimore Actually T-shirt
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